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Three Tips For Buying The Right Van For Summer Van Living

A summer of travel and adventure does not have to involve a lot of plane rides and airport trips. It also does not mean that you have to travel in a small sedan and constantly stop as you need to eat or take a break. One of the growing popular methods to travel is using a conversion van. A van offers the same freedom of the open road as a car, with the option to have a space to live, work, and cook without renting hotel rooms. If you are just getting on the market for a camper van, here are three things to look for when you want to convert a van for a living space.

Look for a popular camper van model 

One thing that you do not have to do is reinvent the wheel when it comes to a camper van. It is a good idea to go with a popular camper van make and model. By going with a popular model, you know that converting the van in the manner that you want is a possibility. Speak with an auto dealer in your area to find a popular camper van type that is within your price range, whether you are looking for a new or used model. 

Invest in a van with electricity

Getting a van that already has electricity and outlets is one of the best choices when you are looking for a van to convert into a living space for your summer travels. While traveling you will have to charge your phone and personal electronics to remain in contact with family and friends. You will also want to be able to cook and run fans or a small air conditioning unit, especially as the weather heats up. Find a van that allows you to plug and play with electronics. This will make it easy to expand the electricity within the van and make it a proper summer home. 

Purchase a van as gutted as possible

There are so many possibilities as to what you can do with a camper van inside. In order to get started laying floors, building a bed, or even installing some appliances, you will need the van to be a blank slate inside. When looking at auto lots, purchase a van that is gutted on the interior or only has the basics, such as removable seats. You can even speak with your auto dealer to ask if they are willing to remove any of the van's interior specs for you in exchange for being able to keep the items for use in other vehicles on their lot. 

Reach out to a camper van dealer to learn more.