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Thinking About Buying Your Teen A Brand-New Car? Why Buy Them A Used Car Instead

If it's time for your teen to start driving, it's also time to get them a car to drive. If you've decided to buy them a car of their own, you'll need to decide between new and used. You might think that a new car is the best way to go for your teen driver. That might not be the case though. Before you buy a new car for your teen, read the information below. You'll find a few reasons to choose a used car instead. 

Less Peer Pressure

Teenagers are under a lot of pressure. This includes pressure from their friends. Peer pressure can have deadly consequences, especially with regard to driving. One of the problems with a new car for your teen is that they can get pressured into doing things they might not want to do. For instance, your teen might drive faster with a new car. Or, they might take more of their friends on joyrides if they get a new car. That's where a used car comes into the picture. Friends might be less likely to pressure your teen into unsafe driving when their first car is a used model. 

Better Practice

If your teen is a new driver, they still need some practice building their skills. You don't want them practicing those skills in a brand-new car. You can expect your teenager to get into a couple of fender benders while they're learning to drive. Unfortunately, fender benders can lead to costly repairs for brand-new cars. Also, if your teen wrecks a brand-new car, you can expect your insurance rates to go up quite a bit.  When you buy your teen a used car, they'll have something to practice in before they move up to a brand-new model. 

Lower Costs

If you're ready to buy your teen their first car, you need to think about the initial cost. Two costs you need to worry about include the initial sale price and your insurance rates. If you want to save money on the initial sale price, the best thing you can do is buy a used car for your teen. A brand-new car can cost thousands of dollars more than a used car. If your teen is set on a particular make and model, choose one that's a couple of years old. That way, they get the type of car they want. And, you get to save money on the cost. You'll also get to save money on your insurance premiums. That's because it costs less to insure a used car. 

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