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Buying A Used Electric Car: What To Examine First

You may have shopped for many used cars in the past, but if you are planning to buy a used electric vehicle (EV), this shopping experience will be quite a bit different. There are certain things you will need to look at on an electric car that you may not be all that familiar with. You always want to make sure you are getting a good deal and a vehicle that will serve you as it should. Take a look at a few things to examine on a used electric car before you make an offer. 

Check out the battery of the EV. 

One of the primary operational components of an electric vehicle is its battery, and it is one of the most common components to have to replace. It is not that batteries for these cars wear down quickly; some actually last many thousand miles. But, the electric car doesn't actually have a lot of items that have to be replaced because the motor does not have a lot of major parts. Before making an offer on a vehicle, ask about how long the battery has been in use and take a look at it to make sure it appears to be in good condition. 

Find out how many miles the EV gets on a full charge. 

All EVs come with a mileage rating when you buy them. This mileage rating tells you how far the car will typically go on a single charge. For the most part, this rating will stay close to the same, but as the car is used more and gets more mileage, it may have a slightly lowered mileage-per-charge rating. If possible, test drive the vehicle to see how many miles you get compared to how much charge the battery loses in the process. 

Look at the tech-savvy extras in the vehicle. 

Electric-powered cars usually come with a lot of tech-savvy features inside and out. These cars are considered highly futuristic, and the lack of reliance on a gasoline motor to power the battery affords more space to integrate some cool features. Before you make an offer on one of these used cars, make sure you take the time to test out all those cool extra features to make sure they work. For example, if the car has an integrated GPS system, test it and make sure it is functional. These features can be hard to fix without costly replacements. 

To learn more about purchasing used electric vehicles, contact a dealership with used cars for sale in your area.