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SUV Vs. Sedan Purchase: Factors To Consider

The SUV vs. Sedan debate is a common one for those who want to buy a car. The debate won't end any time soon, because there is no answer that fits everyone; it all depends on each person's circumstances. Below are some of the factors to consider when determining whether to go the SUV route or buy a sedan.


SUVs tend to have more interior space than sedans. This is typically true even for sedans and SUVs with the same number of seats. The bigger interior space may translate to more legroom, headroom, and even cargo space. This may be particularly helpful if you regularly haul lots of cargo or you have a large frame.

Driving Conditions

Your typical driving surfaces should also influence your choice. SUVs typically have higher ground clearance than sedans. The SUVs also have bigger wheels and are more likely to be four-wheel drives. This means SUVs drive better over rough surfaces, such as gravel roads or roads with potholes. Therefore, if you regularly drive off-road or plan to do so, then you will be better off with the SUV over the sedan.

Fuel Economy

Auto manufacturers have made great strides in terms of fuel economy over recent years. It is not uncommon to find an SUV that has a fuel economy as good as a sedan. In the average scheme of things, however, sedans still have better fuel economies than SUVs. Therefore, if you drive a lot or want good gas mileage, the sedan option is better than the SUV option. Don't forget that a good fuel economy is not just gentle in your pocket; it is also great for the environment.


SUVs don't just have roomy interiors; they also tend to have bigger exteriors than sedans. The larger a car is, the more difficult it is to maneuver around. Backing out of parking lots, squeezing in an out of traffic lanes, or finding parking spaces are all difficult if you have a large car. This is especially true if you are an inexperienced driver.


Lastly, the budget you are dealing with will also dictate the best route for you. SUVs are in demand, and many people think they offer better value than sedans. Thus, SUVs command higher prices than comparable sedans.

As you can see, either of these car models can work well for you. The trick is to know the differences between the two and buys something that will meet your needs. Keep these factors in mind as you visit local dealerships like Gary Rome Kia