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4 Features To Look For In Your 2020 Luxury Vehicle

With the turn of the century upon us, it is time for you to get into a nice luxury vehicle. Luxury vehicles are more affordable than ever before and offer more unique and exciting features than ordinary vehicles.

Feature #1: Ventilated Seats

Forget about heated seats, you need ventilated seats. With ventilated seats, you get complete climate control. Ventilated seats are specifically designed to allow for the flow of air around the seat, which will help keep you cool when it is hot outside. If you live in the Southern United States, where even winter is warm, ventilated seats can be a great grab.

Feature #2: Three-Zone Climate Control

If you transport other people in your vehicle often, you need a vehicle that offers three-zone climate control. Three-zone climate control allows the driver, the front-seat passenger, and those in the back seat to have complete control over the temperature in their area of the car. With three-zone climate control, the passengers and driver will be able to control the temperature and airflow for their own area, ensuring that everyone drives around in comfort.

Feature #3: Smarter Interior Lighting

With all the advances in lighting, it is about time that vehicles caught up. Look for a vehicle that offers different interior light colors for you to choose from, so you can set the mode and the tone you want in your vehicle.

Look for a luxury vehicle that also links up the interior lights with various vehicle systems. For example, some luxury vehicles will light up a certain color when someone is in your blind spot. This takes security systems, such as the blind spot warning, to the next level by providing you with visual and audio information when someone is in your blind spot.

Feature #4: Active Suspension

When you drive, you don't want to feel every little bump in the road. With active suspension on a luxury vehicle, you won't have to feel every little bump in the road. Active suspension is the next level of suspension; it uses sensors to measure the bumps in the road. Those sensors than send information to motors that control your suspension and makes small adjustments to the height of your suspension in order to ensure a smooth ride.

When you go shopping for a luxury vehicle to start the next decade off right, you need to look for ventilated seats, three-zone climate control, smart interior lighting, and active suspension. These are just four cutting-edge features that a luxury vehicle can provide you with.

To learn more about luxury vehicles, contact an Audi dealer near you.