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Why A New Truck Is Not Always More Expensive Than A Used Truck

If you are in the market and looking at trucks for sale, one of the biggest decisions you may have to make is deciding between buying a new truck or a used truck. As a general rule of thumb, used trucks are cheaper than new trucks. However, the sale price of the vehicle alone may not be the only price factor you should look at. Here are a few of the extra costs associated with buying a vehicle and the reasons why a new truck may not always be more expensive than a used truck.

New Trucks Often Come With a Warranty

One of the biggest benefits associated with buying new is that many new trucks come with a longer warranty than used trucks. If something goes wrong with a used truck and your vehicle is not under warranty, you may pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix it. The likelihood of a new truck encountering problems is less likely, but if something goes wrong, the warranty will cover it, helping you to save money.

You May Be Able to Negotiate Maintenance Perks

Many dealerships offer or allow you to negotiate maintenance perks, including things such as oil changes and tire rotations. They may offer these services free for a certain length of time or mileage. This can help you to save money on maintenance costs when buying new.

Newer Safety Features May Reduce Your Auto Insurance

One of the lesser-known reasons why a new truck may actually help you to save some money is that older trucks are not always cheaper to insure. Older vehicles tend to be easier for thieves to steal, and they may not have the latest safety features, many of which can reduce the chances of an accident or reduce damage in an accident. As such, insurance may actually be less for newer cars compared to older ones, depending on the make, model, and year of the trucks you are looking at.

One-Owner Trucks Tend to Sell for More Than Two-Plus-Owner Used Trucks

Lastly, if you plan on reselling the truck you are buying down the road, keep in mind that one-owner trucks tend to sell for a bit more than two-plus-owner used trucks. If you buy new and are the original owner, you may get more in resale money than buying a used car and reselling that car as the second owner.

If you are in the market and looking at trucks for sale, take the time to really research the availability of both new and used trucks in your area. From there, start to price out new trucks and used trucks, and research insurance costs for different trucks and the benefits that new trucks come with. This allows you to really compare the cost of new and used trucks and determine which may be the better choice for you and both your short-term and long-term budget.